All of our puppies find happy homes. Here are a few to date:

I would be very honored if you did use Sophies' picture in your web site. She is definetly the light of our life. I thank you silently many times for the way you started her developement into a happy and secure dog. Her confidence is outweighed only by her intelligence. I am painfully aware just how a bad start can adversly affect a dog for their whole life as it has with our sheltie that we also bought from a breeder but she came with sooo much baggage. We still love her and will be very sad to part with her. She is old now with many medical problems and we will have to make a decision soon---maybe later?? I won't let her suffer no matter how hard. Then there is Sophie, thank you for caring about your puppies.
Mildred Keeble and Sidney Keeble